The Universe Provides Your Desire in Ways Beyond Your Control

In several of my prior posts, I discussed how I applied the principles from Napoleon Hills book “Think and Grow Rich” to obtain my desire to move to Florida.  During that time, I discovered how the Universe will work its magic to bring you your most dominate desire.

However, now that I am now in Florida, I discovered that the Universe may have to play tricks on you in order to fulfill those desires.  Let me explain what I mean.

When I lived in New York, we lived in a mobile home and believed we had it sold; therefore, my husband, Eric moved to Florida ahead of me to look for work and locate our new home. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the sell fell through.  It would take another three months to sell.

I had already missed being with Eric for his birthday and Thanksgiving.  There was no way I was going to be away from him for Christmas.  Therefore, we decided to reduce the price of our home and did had a few more people look but never gave an offer.

Then, just after Thanksgiving a young couple came to look at our home.  They were unable to pay the entire asking price and asked if they put a large enough down payment, if we could finance the rest until tax time.

Finally, someone was interested in purchasing and it was getting closer to Christmas so we agreed to work with them and accepted their down payment and financed the rest. Everything went as plan and a week before Christmas, my roommates and I made our move to Florida.

The couple that purchased our home was to send us small monthly payments until they received their taxes.  When we did not receive the first payment, we contacted them to see if there any issues.

Unfortunately, for the new owners, three weeks after we had moved, the hot water tank died which caused water pipes under the trailer to freeze and break.  They had to spend the money they were going to send us as payment to repair the damage.  In order to help the couple out, we decided to forgo the balance of the financed amount.

Then it occurred to me, the Universe had to trick me in believing that I would get the full asking price in order to get me to leave New York.  If we had stayed waiting for the entire amount, we would have to have dealt with the hot water tank and pipes, making it impossible financially to fix the issues hope to sell once the snow started to fly.

The Universe had only one goal: bring me my greatest desire of being in Florida with my husband for Christmas and that is exactly what I got!

So the lessons from all this is that you may not always know or agree with the way you receive your desire. The Universe may have to manipulate you and/or your circumstances in order to fulfill its obligations. However, in the end, the Universe will always know what is best in order to bring your desire to light.

You CAN Love Yourself and have Success,

“I Am the Tam”

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My Husband’s Blessing Due to His Generosity and Gratitude

A couple days ago, my husband (Eric) was at Wal-Mart and took the last bit of change he had out of his pocket and put them in a bucket. The veteran thanked him and Eric replied, “Thank you Fellow Veteran for serving our country”. The veteran smiled and said, “Merry Christmas”.

The next night, Eric arrived at work at the newspaper distribution center. A fellow driver, a supervisor of his church’s food pantry, brings into work day-old bread and pastries to hand out to the other drivers.  After Eric received his pastries, he walked up to the gentleman, thanked him and said, “Families are struggling and I am happy to see that you are trying to help them.”  The gentleman nodded to say thanks.

Eric took the pastries to the car and returned back to the building to wait for the papers.  On the way back, that same gentleman walked up to Eric and asked if he would like to have some free meat. “Sure, who wouldn’t?  Thank you.”  So they made arrangements to meet later that day.

A knock at the door and Eric goes to answer.  He expected his new friend to bring him a couple packages of meat and he would be very grateful.  However, when Eric opened the door, the gentlemen was standing there with a whole heaping laundry basket full of frozen meat.

Eric thought that maybe his friend was going to have him pick a few packages from the basket.  However, it was explained that the freezer at the food pantry had broken down and they did not want all this meat to go to waste.  He wanted Eric to have the entire basket.  Eric shook his hand with great gratitude.

I believe, in my heart, all of this was because of my husband’s generosity and gratitude earlier in the day.  His act of kindness and being grateful for everything around him, reaped the rewards ten folds.

Our generosity and gratitude can go a long way.  By being kind to just one person a day, we all can create a huge ripple affect of peace and goodwill.

Generosity or giving is more then just handing over money. You have so much more to offer.

Read “Giving is as Simple as…” to find out what you have right now that you can start giving to others today.

You CAN Love Yourself and have Success,

“I Am the Tam”

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My Personal Journey — Principles Applied to Reach a Desired Goal

This is a story three months in the making.  As some of you may already know, my husband, Eric, moved to Florida on September 3, 2011, to find work and locate our new home.  I was left behind in New York to sell our mobile home.  This is a story of my personal journey over the past 3 months that brought me to reaching my personal goals.

Shortly after Eric left, I began to apply the principles laid out by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.  Each week, we would read a chapter of this great book and on a forum, we would write lessons about what we have learned from that chapter. I made sure to participate each week to insure I was applying the principles correctly.

I followed each step and listened to my mentors on how I can enhance my thought vibrations.  I took a dry erase marker and wrote my self-talk on my bedroom mirror; placed a picture of my home on that mirror with the word “SOLD” written across it.

I wrote an article entitled “How to Manifest Your “Burning Desire” into Reality”.  In this article I discussed how I had my husband take pictures of the where he was so I can visualize my new surroundings.

First of October, we had a buyer for our home, however, the mobile home park office denied them park approval.  I was devastated!  What was I doing wrong? I followed all the instructions and yet things did not go as I expected. This feeling of despair went on for about 3 weeks.

Then, I decided to turn to my mentors for some more help.

It was discovered that in my self-talk I wasn’t saying what I was willing to give for my desire.  I changed the self-talk to say I would give “patience”.

I learned about giving loving thoughts to the universe.

I discovered why it is important for you to remain happy and positive most of the time.

I found out that it was okay to be myself and put my needs first so that I can become a better person to help others.

On this journey I began to believe in myself, learning who I am, and what I want to accomplish.

I was persistent in continuing with my self-talk and checking how I was feeling so I could change it back into a positive emotion.

A friend suggested I write myself a check for the asking price and a date I expect to receive it, and I did.

I even used meditation techniques that my mentor shared that just astonished me.  During one of these sessions, I was so tired I fell asleep and in my dream, I could see my body glowing with energy and that little sparks were coming off my body and floating up into the universe.  That was an awesome experience!

All the while, I had to deal with the emotions of not being with my husband.  I felt alone.  I had to shield myself from negative people even though they did not think they were.  However I knew that if I was not persistent in my actions, it would be that much longer until I was with my husband again.

Thanksgiving was difficult.  First year I had to be away from my husband in 12 years and I lost my brother in April, so it was the first holiday without Tim.  I worked a 14 hour day on Thanksgiving in hopes to drown out the fact my husband was not home with me. I spent the day, instead, with my client’s family.  While there I began to cry and my client’s niece ask if I was ok.  I told her about Eric and Tim.  She said “It’s ok, we understand. Don’t worry, you are not alone, you are here with us.” I gave thanks for their kindness.

After I composed myself, I got right back into thinking positive thoughts, saying self-talk and visualizing my future.  I taped that check to my wall above my desk.  Every day, I closed my eyes and began to imagine what it would feel like to get that amount written on the check by the date I provided.

Well today is the day!  On the check, I post dated it for November 30, 2011.  Last weekend a couple came to view our home; Monday they applied for park approval.  And today, November 30, 2011, I received a call from the park letting us know the prospective buyers received park approval!


I may not be able to cash that check today, however, the universe still provided me with the answer I was so desperately waiting to hear. It is a done deal!

This was an epic journey for me.  I felt the depression of failure and the glory of success.  I can apply these same principles and techniques to anything I want to accomplish in life and I will SUCCEED.

I write this in hopes that my story will inspire you to continue on your personal development, no matter how you may perceive the situation around you.  With determination, persistence and patience, the universe will find the way for you to reach your desired goals.

I want to thank my friends and family, especially David and Sandi, who were always just a phone call away; and my roommate who was there, no matter what.  I want to thank Michael and Linda for creating this wonderful mastermind group, and I also want to thank all the members and those who personally sent me messages of encouragement.

I will forever be grateful for what you have all done for me.

You CAN Love Yourself and have success,

“I Am the Tam”

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How to use Faith, Visualization and Belief to Obtain Your Desire

I have been participating in a 30-Day Mental Cleanse, showing you “how to think, not what to think”.  Each week we read a chapter from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and discuss our aha moments with the group.   This weeks topic is on “Faith”.

The Second Step toward Riches

When I first started with personal development and learning that thoughts are things and that I can influence my own mind, I was resistant at first.  How can this be?  How can changing my thought bring me what I wanted?  I so desperately wanted to find success in my life, that I had no choice but to attend the 30-day mental cleanse.

However, by reading some of these lessons, I still had doubt if it all could really come to be.  So, I believe that the universe set it up for me to have my very own private teaching session, which was my husband, Eric, moving to Florida ahead of me.

There IS no doubt in my mind that I will once again be with Eric.  So I started thinking, ok, what a perfect opportunity to put these principles into practice.  Learn from my feelings and once I have accomplished my desire to be by Eric’s side, I would know how to applies these same principles to everything else I desire in life.

Hill states that “repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only know method of voluntary development of the emotion of Faith.”

With the help of Michael and David Paul, I developed my self-talk.  Another friend suggested visualization.  Michael has mentioned on a few of his calls that people may say to him that they forget to say their self talk.  My question is, if your burning desire is that strong, the one thought you have forefront on your mind, how can you forget to say your self talk.  Every waking moment, I am thinking of Eric and how it is going to feel to be in his arms again. When I think of him, I say my self talk.  Is your burning desire that strong that you can’t forget your self talk?

Michael ask a lady if she had a piece of string or ribbon to tie on her finger to remind her to say her self-talk.  I took it a step further – I purchased a silver ring with a black inlay that spins around.  On the inlay has three simple words, Trust – Believe – Faith.  I wear the ring on my index finger to remind me to TRUST in god and my mentors, to BELIEVE in myself and keep the FAITH that my desires will manifest.  A great way to also remind me to say my self-talk.

Mixing all the emotion of Faith, Love and Sex has brought my vibrations up to it’s utmost height. You can only have one dominating thought at a time, so once I am in Florida, I look forward to concentrating on my next dominate thought and follow the same formula.

As I mentioned I had Faith that I would once again be with Eric and has taken the necessary action by advertising the sell of my home.  So I have put into action a plan that will get me to my goal. There is, however, only one problem I face in the process and that is PATIENCE!  This chapter did not cover this issue so I am still not sure how to deal with it.  I look forward to continue reading these lessons and see if I can find the answer on how to deal with patience.  Nonetheless, I have faith it is only a matter of time.

Everyone has big dreams, but I am glad I am working on this small one, something I can have Faith in to teach me the lessons I need to understand so I can apply them to my big dreams. Thank you all for your support and taking this journey with me. It’s been a wild ride so far.

Gratefully yours,

“I Am the Tam”

PS. What are you waiting for? Life is too short and you MUST become the person you are meant to be.  Take action NOW! Download your FREE copy Success in 10 Steps and find out why the lack of success is NOT your fault.

Did You Know that “Thought are Things” Regardless if They are Positive or Negative?

I have been participating in a 30-Day Mental Cleanse, showing you “how to think, not what to think”.  Each week we read a chapter from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and discuss our aha moments with the group.  This week we are starting over with Chapter 1 that “thoughts are things”.  This is what I have learned and how I am turning my “thoughts into things”.


Napoleon Hill says that “thoughts are things,” and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects.

I am really beginning to believe how true that “thoughts are things”.  Regardless if they are negative or positive, what you predominately think will manifest into things.

Being plugged into this 30 Day Mental Cleanse, I am excited to know the power that I possess is really starting to pay off.  I was being critical of what others thought of me, especially the one person I care about the most, my husband Eric.  However, the other day I overheard him talking to a friend of ours and it just changed my whole perspective, giving a whole new light on things.

He was saying that I have been working on my personal development and having this positive attitude (most of the time). He told her by doing so; it has given HIM the confidence and belief that we can reach our goals together.  Within the next few years, we want to open a training center.  He enjoys computers and I am really developing a love for personal development.  We thought this would be a great opportunity for us to work together and be able to spend more time with each other.

Together, through our shared DESIRE, we are coming up with new ideas on what we can do with this training center, turning our “thoughts into things”, actually visualizing what our training center will look like (laptops on the desks, divided rooms to open up into bigger conference rooms, etc).  Wow, this has been so much fun to finally believe in myself and my husband believing in himself that we can actually live our dreams.

Now, it is difficult to sleep at night with saying my self-talk and visualizing the center as I fall asleep and I wake up still thinking of them.  It just takes time and right now with our financial situation and wanting to move to FL, we have to sell our mobile home.  So a friend suggested that I print out a picture of the trailer and put it on my mirror.

I would stare and visualize that the trailer is sold along with my temporary self-talk until these “thoughts turn into things”.  My husband already left on Tuesday for Florida without me, my DESIRE to re-unite is so strong and using “Sex Transmutation” I know I am vibrating at a higher frequency to the universe.  Only thing left is to continue having “faith” that the trailer IS sold, that I will be in FL within the next 6 weeks and we WILL have our training center, to be able to help many others looking for the answers to living their dreams.

As Hill states, it doesn’t matter HOW as long as we have the WHY and strong DESIRE. Wow, it is good to know that “thoughts are things”.  I have been more creative these past few days knowing I have the right and power to re-program my own mind, to know how to think, not what to think.  How wonderful it is to know that just by working on me, my husband also is beginning to have that confidence.

The universe is already working on the HOW by putting us into contact with people who sees our vision and wants to either be a part of or assist us in obtain that vision.  This is getting exciting!

Life is good!  I am happy, grateful and confident. “I am the Tam”!

Thank you again, Michael, Linda and the whole Mentoring For Free family for showing me that I can have confidence and with persistence, I will live my dream life with the love of my life.

Having Love and Gratitude for you all,

“I Am the Tam”

PS. What are you waiting for? Life is too short and you MUST become the person you are meant to be.  Take action NOW! Download your FREE copy Success in 10 Steps and find out why the lack of success is NOT your fault.