How to Manifest Your “Burning Desire” into Reality

I have been participating in a 30-Day Mental Cleanse, showing you “how to think, not what to think”.  Each week we read a chapter from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and discuss our aha moments with the group.   We decided to continue another week on the topic of “desire”. I wanted to share with you how I am manifesting my most current burning desire.


On the call Saturday night, I was telling the group of my burning desire to sell my trailer and reunite with my husband in Florida (he moved down ahead of me to look for work).  Michael suggested that I change my self talk to say “our home” rather than “our trailer” to make it more personalized and to vision another family living in this home.

One lady came several weeks ago to first look out “our home” and she was saying what she wanted to do with each of the rooms.  So I closed my eyes started visioning her walking through the home and the 2 sets of bunk beds she wants to put in the one room, and turning the dinning room into another bedroom.  I know this lady ready wants the home but waiting on a settlement but told us to continue advertising.

I took a picture of the outside of our home and put it on my dresser mirror, I took a dry erase marker and wrote my self-talk on my mirror under the picture.  This morning I repeated my self talk over and over while staring at my mirror.  And by just changing my self-talk and visioning other people living in this home, I can feel a difference.  It felt more real.

I even had my husband take pictures of where we will be living so I can vision myself being in FL as well.  And now I can feel the warm sun on my face, seeing the little lizard hanging around the yard, and feel my husband’s loving arms around me once again.  Letting Sex Transmutation create a higher rate of vibration of my desire.

It feels so real now, just by changing those few little things, I know it is a matter of time until I will actually get to experience those feelings first hand.  Then the phone rang and another lady wants to see the home.  Her name was FAITH.  Wow, how appropriate!  What a great reminder that not only do we have to vision our future but to have FAITH that what we desire will manifest.

This is just only the beginning of my desires, however, this is the one I am focusing on living in the now, right here, right now.  Thank you all for the support and listening as I share my first experience of utilizing self-talk with visualization.

Having Love and Gratitude for you all,

“I Am the Tam”

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