Everything Happens for a Reason — Including Getting Fired

Learning and applying the principles discussed in Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich”, I was able to make the move to Florida. My one true desire, to be with my husband for Christmas, came to be a reality.

However, when I was living in New York, applying the principles, I began to think about jobs in Florida that will allow me to have more one on one contact with people.  In my last position as home health aide, I took care of one lady in her home, therefore, I felt isolated.

My best friend’s sister already lives in Florida and is a manager of a convenient store.  With her recommendation, I obtained a position as a sales associate.  I thought that if I can be promoted to Assistant Manager, my income would sustain our family until our greatest desire becomes a reality.

I enjoyed the face to face contact I was having with our customers. However, there were some transactions I just did not know how to do and felt there was a lack of training in that area.  I began to develop a “scenario chart”, a flip chart with all the different transactions and how to complete them. My thinking was this would be a great way to put myself out there before the company and be promoted.

About a month on the job, a gentleman came into the store and made a substantial purchase.  The next morning, I was called in to be notified that the money was counterfeit and that I was fired.  Never in a million years would I think someone would do that to me; I was unable to identify the counterfeit. I was devastated and felt so low.

A day or two after the incident I had to stop and evaluate what just occurred. And I was amazed at what I discovered.

I believe everything happens for a reason including getting fired.  Eric and I moved to Florida with big dreams and taking the necessary steps to make it a reality.  What I discovered was that I was focusing on the wrong goals.  Apparently I becoming the assist manager of this store was not what the Universe had planned for me to reach our ultimate goal. I was creating limitations for the Universe.

Losing this position was just a little nudge from the Universe saying, “your focus is in the wrong place”.  Therefore, in the next position I will always give 100%, but now I know the J.O.B. is just to help meet my needs until I reach that goal.

Now my focus is back on building our dream and keep moving forward.  Things happen for a reason including getting fired.  You may have experienced such situations that you felt were set backs or failures.  However, there are lessons to be learned from them as they will guide you to reaching your desires. Take the time to evaluate your situation and see where there can be improvements.

You CAN Love Yourself and have Success,

“I Am the Tam”

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Are Your Words Causing You to Chase Rather Than Live Your Dreams?

I was talking to a new friend the other day.  During the discovery phrase he revealed that he has been divorced for three years and did not have any children.  He was feeling lonely and just needed a little company even if only for a few minutes over the internet.

We began to discuss our backgrounds and what we do for a living.  As a structural engineer, he travels all over the globe, this more than likely contributed to the breakdown of his marriage.

He said to me, “I am looking forward to get with a woman who is faithful and sincere.”

I thought for a moment then asked, “Do you want to know a secret?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Do not ‘look forward’ to getting with her. Imagine you are with that perfect, faithful and sincere woman right now.  How would it make you feel to have her by your side right now?”

So what does this secret mean?

When you use phrases such as: Looking forward to or Someday, I’m gonna have it or Can’t wait until I own that, you are thinking thoughts of things located in the future.  Therefore, the Universe will give you exactly what you want, looking for them in the future.  This is causing your desire to continently be pushed further into the future. Okay, I know that isn’t want you truly want, however, that is the vibration you are sending out to the Universe.   Without even thinking of it, you are chasing your dreams rather than living it.

Your thoughts lay out the road map of getting your desires. In order to set up that map going in the future, you must think of having them in the present.  Imagine that you posses them right here right now and the Universe will work its magic to set up stops along the route to assist you in acquiring your desires.

I suggested that my friend begin to say to himself, “I AM standing beside the most faithful and sincere woman in the world.”  Believe and enjoy how it would feel to touch her hair, smell her perfume or even gaze into her eyes.  Feel it in your heart the love you have for this woman and the Universe will bring her to you. The more positive feelings you put into your imagination, the soon she will appear.

This can be done in all areas of your life, whether it be improving a relationship, start a new one, looking for a new job or any desire you can imagine. All you have to do is change the way you think and you can be living your dreams rather than chasing them.

You CAN Love Yourself and have Success,

“I Am the Tam”

P.S. You are perfect just the way you are.  Remember, it is none of your business what other people think, only what you think.

My Personal Christmas Miracle: The Power of Faith

Today is Christmas Eve and I have been watching Christmas movies and spending some long awaited time with Eric, my husband. The end of another movie marks the time for me to start supper.   I go alone to the kitchen and turned on some soft meditation music.

I began to think back to what lead up to me being right here right now in our new home. Then I began to cry.  I realized that these last three months could have very well have been a plot to one of those Christmas movies.

In this writing, I want to share how the power of faith brought me to complete my move from New York to Florida.

Just a small recap: Eric moved to FL ahead of me and stayed with friends to look for work and go apartment hunting.  My roommates and I stayed behind in New York to finish up on the sale of our mobile home.

However, the sell fell through and it would take another three months to get a new buyer; three more months without seeing Eric. I already spent Thanksgiving without him; I just knew that was nothing that was going to keep us apart for Christmas!

I continued to practice the principles in Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich”. Lessons were written on how each of these principles was affecting my journey to reunite with my husband.

November 30th and we now have the sale of our home completed, turned in our resignations for our jobs and reserved the moving truck.  Things are going as planned.  THEN negativity tries to creep in and take away my faith.

We were scheduled to leave for Florida on December 16th.  The Monday before, the apartment office calls and said there is an issue with being approved for our new home. This is where the old programming of my mind tried to ruin my faith.

As we addressed each issue, another day goes by – three days to go, then two days and finally one more day until we were to leave New York.  I started to panic, what if we don’t get approved?  What am I to do?  I did not make a Plan B.  I just sold our home and resigned from my job; there is no retreat.

I called my mentor and filled him in on the situation and he said, “You don’t need a Plan B; everything is going as planned.”  I knew I could trust his words so I kept the faith and continued to apply the principles.

I began to think about the different stories in “Think and Grow Rich”. One in particular came to mind. Mr. Hill tells the story of how a military officer ordered the boats to be burned.  Either we win or die here, there is no retreat.  Since I had no retreat, my only option was to keep the faith.

The day before our departure, approximately 3 p.m. in the afternoon, we received a phone call from Maria, the apartment manager.  She asked if we were sitting down; then said, “Please have Eric stop by the office to sign the lease.”  I thanked her over and over with joy in my voice. She said she was happy to help us get into our new home. You could hear the other ladies in the background of the office giggling, sharing in my delight.

Friday comes and we are on our way.   Again with the old programming, I began to worry about needing to find a job.  Eric kept telling me, “Just relax, everything will work out fine.  You’ll see.”

Now it is Christmas Eve and I have been watching Christmas movies and spending some long awaited time with Eric, my husband. The end of another movie marks the time for me to start supper.   I go alone to the kitchen and turned on some soft meditation music.

I began to think back to what lead up to me being right here right now in our new home. I began to cry. I cried with joy and gratitude. I realized that celebrating Christmas with the love of my life was the most important thing to me and I got what I wanted; nothing else matters.  I cried because I am happy and had a major aha ha moment — everything will be fine and no need to worry about the future as long as I continue to have faith.

I got my Christmas miracle, just like the ending to one of those Christmas movies. By consistently applying the principles, I know I will succeed in anything I believe I can achieve. And so can you.

I hope my story inspires you to keep the faith and keep moving forward.  It is a difficult road to travel, but a rewarding one.  Merry Christmas and May God Bless you all.

You CAN Love Yourself and have Success,

“I Am the Tam”

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My Husband’s Blessing Due to His Generosity and Gratitude

A couple days ago, my husband (Eric) was at Wal-Mart and took the last bit of change he had out of his pocket and put them in a bucket. The veteran thanked him and Eric replied, “Thank you Fellow Veteran for serving our country”. The veteran smiled and said, “Merry Christmas”.

The next night, Eric arrived at work at the newspaper distribution center. A fellow driver, a supervisor of his church’s food pantry, brings into work day-old bread and pastries to hand out to the other drivers.  After Eric received his pastries, he walked up to the gentleman, thanked him and said, “Families are struggling and I am happy to see that you are trying to help them.”  The gentleman nodded to say thanks.

Eric took the pastries to the car and returned back to the building to wait for the papers.  On the way back, that same gentleman walked up to Eric and asked if he would like to have some free meat. “Sure, who wouldn’t?  Thank you.”  So they made arrangements to meet later that day.

A knock at the door and Eric goes to answer.  He expected his new friend to bring him a couple packages of meat and he would be very grateful.  However, when Eric opened the door, the gentlemen was standing there with a whole heaping laundry basket full of frozen meat.

Eric thought that maybe his friend was going to have him pick a few packages from the basket.  However, it was explained that the freezer at the food pantry had broken down and they did not want all this meat to go to waste.  He wanted Eric to have the entire basket.  Eric shook his hand with great gratitude.

I believe, in my heart, all of this was because of my husband’s generosity and gratitude earlier in the day.  His act of kindness and being grateful for everything around him, reaped the rewards ten folds.

Our generosity and gratitude can go a long way.  By being kind to just one person a day, we all can create a huge ripple affect of peace and goodwill.

Generosity or giving is more then just handing over money. You have so much more to offer.

Read “Giving is as Simple as…” to find out what you have right now that you can start giving to others today.

You CAN Love Yourself and have Success,

“I Am the Tam”

PS. What are you waiting for? Life is too short and you MUST become the person you are meant to be.  Take action NOW! Download your FREE copy Success in 10 Steps written by Michael Dlouhy and find out why the lack of success is NOT your fault.

My Personal Journey — Principles Applied to Reach a Desired Goal

This is a story three months in the making.  As some of you may already know, my husband, Eric, moved to Florida on September 3, 2011, to find work and locate our new home.  I was left behind in New York to sell our mobile home.  This is a story of my personal journey over the past 3 months that brought me to reaching my personal goals.

Shortly after Eric left, I began to apply the principles laid out by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.  Each week, we would read a chapter of this great book and on a forum, we would write lessons about what we have learned from that chapter. I made sure to participate each week to insure I was applying the principles correctly.

I followed each step and listened to my mentors on how I can enhance my thought vibrations.  I took a dry erase marker and wrote my self-talk on my bedroom mirror; placed a picture of my home on that mirror with the word “SOLD” written across it.

I wrote an article entitled “How to Manifest Your “Burning Desire” into Reality”.  In this article I discussed how I had my husband take pictures of the where he was so I can visualize my new surroundings.

First of October, we had a buyer for our home, however, the mobile home park office denied them park approval.  I was devastated!  What was I doing wrong? I followed all the instructions and yet things did not go as I expected. This feeling of despair went on for about 3 weeks.

Then, I decided to turn to my mentors for some more help.

It was discovered that in my self-talk I wasn’t saying what I was willing to give for my desire.  I changed the self-talk to say I would give “patience”.

I learned about giving loving thoughts to the universe.

I discovered why it is important for you to remain happy and positive most of the time.

I found out that it was okay to be myself and put my needs first so that I can become a better person to help others.

On this journey I began to believe in myself, learning who I am, and what I want to accomplish.

I was persistent in continuing with my self-talk and checking how I was feeling so I could change it back into a positive emotion.

A friend suggested I write myself a check for the asking price and a date I expect to receive it, and I did.

I even used meditation techniques that my mentor shared that just astonished me.  During one of these sessions, I was so tired I fell asleep and in my dream, I could see my body glowing with energy and that little sparks were coming off my body and floating up into the universe.  That was an awesome experience!

All the while, I had to deal with the emotions of not being with my husband.  I felt alone.  I had to shield myself from negative people even though they did not think they were.  However I knew that if I was not persistent in my actions, it would be that much longer until I was with my husband again.

Thanksgiving was difficult.  First year I had to be away from my husband in 12 years and I lost my brother in April, so it was the first holiday without Tim.  I worked a 14 hour day on Thanksgiving in hopes to drown out the fact my husband was not home with me. I spent the day, instead, with my client’s family.  While there I began to cry and my client’s niece ask if I was ok.  I told her about Eric and Tim.  She said “It’s ok, we understand. Don’t worry, you are not alone, you are here with us.” I gave thanks for their kindness.

After I composed myself, I got right back into thinking positive thoughts, saying self-talk and visualizing my future.  I taped that check to my wall above my desk.  Every day, I closed my eyes and began to imagine what it would feel like to get that amount written on the check by the date I provided.

Well today is the day!  On the check, I post dated it for November 30, 2011.  Last weekend a couple came to view our home; Monday they applied for park approval.  And today, November 30, 2011, I received a call from the park letting us know the prospective buyers received park approval!


I may not be able to cash that check today, however, the universe still provided me with the answer I was so desperately waiting to hear. It is a done deal!

This was an epic journey for me.  I felt the depression of failure and the glory of success.  I can apply these same principles and techniques to anything I want to accomplish in life and I will SUCCEED.

I write this in hopes that my story will inspire you to continue on your personal development, no matter how you may perceive the situation around you.  With determination, persistence and patience, the universe will find the way for you to reach your desired goals.

I want to thank my friends and family, especially David and Sandi, who were always just a phone call away; and my roommate who was there, no matter what.  I want to thank Michael and Linda for creating this wonderful mastermind group, and I also want to thank all the members and those who personally sent me messages of encouragement.

I will forever be grateful for what you have all done for me.

You CAN Love Yourself and have success,

“I Am the Tam”

PS. What are you waiting for? Life is too short and you MUST become the person you are meant to be.  Take action NOW! Download your FREE copy Success in 10 Steps written by Michael Dlouhy and find out why the lack of success is NOT your fault.